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From the start of winter, Montreal will be immersed in an enchanting and festive atmosphere so that all residents can celebrate the delicious nordicity of the metropolis and discover or rediscover the richness of Montreal’s neighborhoods and heritage.
Our events participate in the foreground in the dissemination of multidisciplinary arts, crafts and intangible heritage, through a journey through wonderful decorations, the presentation of many craftsmen, a varied artistic program, all while promoting Quebec’s traditions.

We collaborate with more than a hundred companies from Montreal and Quebec (suppliers, artisans, partners …) with the main goal of promoting every year the cultural heritage of Quebec by transmitting intergenerational values, sharing and know-how of people from here. Through these activities, we are resolutely committed to the economic, cultural and social recovery of Quebec.

We are also looking for partners who share the same vision, that of serving Quebecers and contributing to their well-being, while respecting the high standards associated with such a responsibility.


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