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The Montreal Christmas Village – 2021 Edition

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Times of attendance of the artisans


Artisans are present for the entire duration of the event or only for part of it. In the presentation of each of them below, the period(s) of presence are mentioned as the following:

  • P1: from 25th to 28th November 2021
  • P2: from 3rd to 5th December 2021
  • P3: from 10th to 12th December 2021
  • P4: from 17th to 19th December 2021


Spent grain-based hygiene products

Groupe Stéphanie B.

Beauty products

Le Renard Noir

Handcrafted soaps


Soaps, bath salts ...

Herbes au Soleil

Various cosmetic products

Ferme Florae

Organic rose and saffron products

Cosmétique Mama Nature

Natural cosmetics

1001 Bulles

Bath products

Mesdemois’Elles Nature

Essential oil diffusers

Soins Altera Vitae

Body care products

Warizi Inc.

100% natural cosmetic products

Gabiba Foods

Homemade dehydrated sauces

Mariette Kanga

Exotic jams

Domaine Ives Hill

Blackcurrant products

Les Aliments Savvy Pantry

Natural Ready-to-Eat Dishes

Luxure Gourmande

Pastries and chocolates

La Tête dans les Pommes Inc.

Apple products

Terra Perma

Farm and forest products


Hot cereal mixes

À Les Sens Ciel

Eco-responsible artisanal French pastry


Honey products

Le Canelé Montréalais


Les Délices d’Arnaud

Artisanal duck products

J’Feel Mohair

Mohair products


Clothing and accessories

Les Moutons de Richard

Sheep wool products

Artiste Béatrice Grawey

Various objects and accessories

Le Gars Leathercraft

Minimalist design clothes

Art Andina

Alpaca wool products


Objects of ecological decoration

Éditions Lo-Ély

Books for children and adults

Nina Ahrendt

Danish Christmas decorations

Au Voyage des Sens

100% soy wax candles

Violet Candle

Vegan candles

Lettering avec Amour

Custom handmade gifts

Cocooning Art

Art of pottery and decoration

Jean-François Bibeau

Humorous family novels

Didier BBQ Distrib.

BBQ Accessories


Wooden handcrafted creations

CH Signature

Textile products

Fraserandson Rustic Creation

Beer accessories

Ada Jade Bracelets

Energy jewels

Riptide Jewelry

Jewelry and fashion accessories

Soha & Co.

Handcrafted jewelry

Les Audacieuses

Epoxy resin jewelry

Loa Boutique

Freshwater pearl jewelry

La Taverne

Drinks and food

La Relève Girard

Maple and apple products

Davids Tea


Le Chalet Savoyard

Fondue, raclette, tartiflette

Baraque à frites

Hot dog, fries and poutine

P’tite Taverne

Comforting drinks